Dear ,

Thank you for your generous donation to Mikvah Tahara.

Just as little droplets of water combined form a great ocean, donations like yours add up to enable us to fund major projects. Your dollars go a long way in bringing purity into the lives of fellow yidden across the globe. Every tevilla you enable creates an everlasting effect, and you will reap the benefits for eternity.

Taharas yisroel is at the foundation of yiddishkeit, and the zechus of taking part in sponsoring the costs of erecting a new mikvah is unimaginable. If a community does not have enough money to build both a shul and a mikvah, then building a mikvah takes priority. Utilize this auspicious moment of extending your contribution to such a worthy cause as a powerful tefilla with that much more potency.

By partnering with our organization, you support a lofty mission – to answer the cry of Jewish families longing to practice family purity and partake in this tremendous mitzvah. And you share credit. Forever.

Sincerely - Mikvah Tahara Association