Here’s how we help them build their own mikva their own way


Most communities are still rebuilding after destruction in wartime Europe. Too poor to fund a new kosher mikva, their dream of tahras yisroel would never materialize without financial support.

Mikva Tahara usually funds the entire project and oversees the construction process.

Architectural Assistance

The technical aspects of mikva building are many and complex. Without proper knowledge and adequate onsite guidance, many projects falter in the early stages (foundation pouring, etc.).

Mikva Tahara offers expert assistance throughout the planning and building phases.

Halachic Support

Under the auspices of Rabbi Yitzchok Trieger, Chief Halachic Consultant to Mikva Tahara, our team of learned mikva authorities supports each community with a wealth of halachic know-how, contributing to the high standards of planning and constructing each kosher mikva.

Fundraising Aid & Insight

Most of our beneficiaries know little about raising funds even for a need as critical as mikva. To help them generate the necessary monies,

Mikva Tahara offers strategic fundraising training and insight. When possible we dive in personally to fundraise alongside community members.

Mikva Maintenance

Mikva Tahara actively maintains many of the mikvas we built over the years. This ensures each community can access a safe, kosher mikva every day of the year without worry of damage, wear, leakage or other malfunction that may create unfavorable halachic implications.

Practical Training

Building a mikva is just the start. To enable Jewish communities to become truly independent in their pursuit of taharas yisroel,

Mikva Tahara trains key community members in the many details and duties of successfully operating a kosher mikva over the long term.

Mikvah Inspections

Mikva inspections are part of Mikva Tahara’s mission to provide comprehensive community support wherever it helps answer the demand for taharas mishpacha.

Our communities are comfortable knowing they can call on us at any time to inspect their mikva and offer support.