Mikva Tahara began as a no-name initiative nearly 20 years ago. Our founder was an avid member of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund’s inner circle and would visit him frequently in Israel. At some point, Rabbi Freund rallied him to lead a new mikva project for families in Beit Shemesh.

From that first mikva flowed all future projects and the official establishment of Mikva Tahara. A contributor to the Beit Shemesh project introduced our founder to the Jewish community leader in Chicco, Ukraine, marking the start of our involvement with holy kehillas worldwide.


Rabbi Avrum Yoshua Waldman

Founder & Global Ambassador

After building his first mikva at Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund’s behest, Rabbi Waldman came to know the Chabad Rabbi of Chicco, Ukraine. Together they joined a respected mikva dayan (baal machshir), fully supporting the kehilla to fundraise, plan and build a kosher mikva.

When kehillas across Europe heard of its success they yearned to do the same. Requests for assistance and guidance in mikva and taharas yisroel started trickling in, and Rabbi Waldman answered the call by building a team of foremost mikva experts to serve these communities.

Rabbi Mordechai Tzvi Solomon

Mohel Mumche & Kehilla Liaison

Deeply invested in spreading yiddishkeit and taharas mishpacha, Rabbi Solomon is a Mohel Mumcha for both adults and children. He currently resides in Monsey NY, but to him any home is temporary: at a moment’s notice he leaves all to fly across the globe to meet the needs of bris.

We met Rabbi Solomon during the Chicco, Ukraine project, where he flew in to perform a bris on 6 Jews. He is now integral to Mikva Tahara, liaising between budding kehillas and our organization with a keen ability to determine which kehillas truly require our assistance.

Rabbi Yossi Segal

Shaluach Chabad & Project Manager

Rabbi Segal is a widely talented individual who is devoted to building Jewish communities in all corners of the world. He serves as the Chabad Rabbi for the Poltava, Ukraine community, introducing and reintroducing scores of Jews to their beautiful heritage and Jewish roots.

Rabbi Segal personally interfaces with the companies contracted by Mikva Tahara to build kosher mikvas the world over. He currently oversees multiple simultaneous mikva projects across European communities, including those in Cyprus, Croatia and Grodno, Belarus.

Rabbi Yitzchok Trieger

Chief Halachic Consultant

Communities and institutions everywhere seek Rabbi Trieger for his expertise, insight and solid advice.

A worldwide authority on the numerous complexities and nuances of kosher mikva, he flies around the globe to oversee the halachic details of countless mikva projects.

As Chief Halachic Authority with Mikva Tahara, Rabbi Trieger maintains a select team of young talmidei chachamim whom he has personally trained in all matters of mikva—from its halachic implications to the many technicalities involved with proper mikva building.


Mikvah Tahara builds local kosher mikvas to help Jewish families practice family purity. When communities send us signed petitions and commitments to learn more and uphold taharas mishpacha, we dive in to assist with all the practical and ideological challenges involved.

Our goal is simple: to ensure there is no Jewish community anywhere without access to a kosher mikva.

Mikva Tahara thus provides nearly a dozen critical services—free of charge.



Mikva is a holy fundament of yiddishkeit and a cause dear to Jews from all backgrounds, sects and geographies.

Regardless of an individual’s religious standing, taharas yisroel unites global Jewry because we all wish for the same thing:

future generations of kosher Jews.